Engr. Chike G. Amobi, C.Eng, M. I. STRUCT.E., F.F.B., M.N.S.E., F.N.I. Struct. E Principal Consultant Ensccon Associates (Consulting Engineers)

As a Civil/Structural Engineering Consultant, with over forty-seven years of experience in Professional Practice, I have been privileged to work closely with Architect Azike Diribe for over thirty years providing consultancy services to the Public and Private Sectors. Without any doubt, Arc. Azike ranks as one of the most outstanding and innovative Architects of our time and has an ability to develop practical and workable solution for complex and difficult Architectural designs.
His designs bear testimony to his masterly and creative compositions, integrating art, architecture and engineering. In all his projects he expresses sound Architectural judgement matched with common sense. His designs are easy to interpret and intelligently arranged along identifiable grids thereby making the work of the other professional consultants not so cumbersome. What makes him unique is that he consults widely and is always willing to accept and accommodate suggestions by other colleagues to structurally or otherwise improve his designs. A modest residential building he designed for me way back in 1983 still stands the test of time today and most of his designs, whether for public or private sector attest to the same creativity. The aesthetic forms and functionality of most of his projects exposes his flare for beauty and safety of his designs. Despite the challenges he faces in his profession he also has time to combine the practice with his commitments to the World Men’s Business Fellowship activities, where he ranks as one of the leading members in the country. Azike also provides valuable support in training of young Architects who later took up senior positions in consultancy and construction management.

I wish him more successes in his endeavours.