The 2014 GLPS held in London from Jan 29- Feb 1, was perhaps the best time spent in the presence of The Lord since the formation of Full Gospel Global Forum in January 2012.
Directors from over 16 nations and groups, over 100 men and some women shared quality time together and in prayer over 3 days at Holiday Inn Heathrow M4 Junction.

The testimonies that came from several attendees were really refreshing, as we shared and fellowshiped with each other in God’s presence. The interactions were heart-felt as we compared notes on what The Lord was doing in our chapters and nations, and envisioned each other to do more.

The highlight obviously was the prayer session on Friday as we spent time listening to The Lord for direction as we committed ourselves to more rapidly spread the vision of the fellowship. God gave us a clear word from Isaiah 54:2, ‘…to stretch out the curtains of our dwellings, and to lengthen our cords, and strengthen our stakes,… That we would break forth to the right and to the left….’
Then came the clear word of prophecy calling for the next GLPS to gather in Costa Rica, from which meeting The Lord will send out a Holy Fire that will spread in all directions all over South America.

We in Nigeria are excited to be a part of FGGF and are thrilled about the endorsement given by the annual assembly of FGGF on Saturday February 1, that the January 2015 GLPS should hold in Costa Rica.
We see a new day for Full Gospel Global Forum,as we get set for the next round of expansion of FGGF and prepare to welcome many more FGBMFI nations into our fold.

We congratulate the steering committee of FGGF, for the successful summit in London. We pray for The Lord to sharpen our focus as we move FGGF into her destiny in the vision gave to Demos.